Welcome to official website of Super Mario 63 game. This game is not an official Super Mario game but it is a fan based custom developed version. The developers develop this game after getting inspired by Nintendo’s famous Super Mario 64 game as many ideas about levels, characters and features are taken from original Super Mario 64.

According to our fans, this game and it’s game-play and graphics are about 75 percent similar to the original game. The best part of Super Mario 63 flash game is that it has a detailed story line, customized levels and three different power-ups just like the original Super Mario 64 game.

If you are a Mario lover and you don’t have Super Nintendo than our website is a best platform where you can play Super Mario 63 game online and enjoy the fun of the original game. The best feature of this game is that we can play as the character Lugi as well. If you think it is an easy Mario game than you must give a try to Cat Mario, which is a very difficult and kind of ugly game to play 🙂

Features of Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63 have a lot of cool features. Following is a brief review about plus and negative features of this game.

  • This game have very good graphics, not 100 percent same as the original game but they are cool. I’ve played Unfair Mario and like it so much but this game have far better graphics than it.
  • Sounds of this game are pretty awesome. People love to hear voices in this game but the music is not a plus point in this. It has kind of annoying music.
  • Controls are simple, Arrow keys to move and “Z” “X” “C” to perform moves but controls are not that good as the original game.
  • Customization level in this game is great.
  • If you love to play with Lugi than you’ve chosen the right game to play

Play Super Mario 63 Unblocked Game Online Free at our official website by clicking the following image to play Super Mario 63 game free. We are waiting for your feedback about this game. If you have any question to ask than you can join our official discussion forum and become a part of our

This is best game and lovely for kids and enjoy play this game
Super Mario 63

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